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Duo-Design has consistently been providing the highest quality restorations with a personal touch for the past 32 years. Our commitment and devotion to detail has been the focus of our work since the beginning. Having seven skilled technicians with over 32 years of combined experience is something that truly sets us apart. Our consistent nature ensures the highest quality work every time. Give us a try and see for yourself!


About the owner


My name is Charles Matarazzo, and I am the owner and ceramist of Duo-Design Dental Studio. I graduated from the Magna Institute of Dental Technology in 1977 and opened Duo-Design after spending four years attaining knowledge and experience in the field. I have been a ceramist for over 35 years, all the while refining, improving, and perfecting my work. After 32 years in business, I have assembled a staff of talented and skilled technicians to assure the highest quality work at every level. I personally finish every restoration before it leaves the lab, allowing me to be certain of the quality and consistency of each and every case.

Why Duo-Design? Because...

  • Consistent and Reliable
  • Professional and Respectful
  • Persistent and Committed
  • Experienced and Masterful
  • Accommodating and Obliging
  • Aesthetic and Dexterous
  • Convenient and Accessible
  • Meticulous and Thorough
  • Courteous and Helpful
  • Versatile and Resourceful

Why Duo-Design? Because...

We work hard! So naturally, we love to see that our time and effort pays off. If you have photos of cases that were challenging or that you thought turned out particularly well, we would love to see them. To submit any photos, please use the link below.


Why Duo-Design? Because...

We are dedicated to consistently providing exceptional work and service to our dental offices and their patients. Your praise and gratitude is greatly appreciated and makes our efforts worthwhile. If you are a dental office or patient that is pleased with our work and service and would like to submit a testimonial for our site, please use the link below.


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Duo-Design Dental Studio, Inc


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Phone : (973) 334-9590

FAX : (973)334-9594

32 Years Of Excellence.

Duo-Design Dental Studio, Inc.